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Job Details

Hiring Organization
TVS – Np Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Post Name Territory Sales Manager
Qualification Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Industry Private
Employment Type Full Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary 300000/-To 600000/- Per Year 
Location Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India 625018

Position description:

The person in this position acts as a bridge between the Company and the Dealers. He helps the dealers to grow their business. He also implements company standards and policies at the dealerships and provides market information and dealer feedback to the Company.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • 1) Connect with the customer
  • i) Implement CRM through post-sale customer meets, referrals
  • ii) Understanding customer insight
  • 2) Generate demand
  • i) Plan manpower for Demand generation, RF, and RMP activities
  • ii) Train manpower on a regular basis
  • iii) Plan various DG activities and implement them effectively
  • iv) Explore SHG and otherways of DG
  • v) Maintain resale value at par or better than the market leader
  • 3) Enable finance
  • i) Prospect & activate local Tie-ups with Banks/NDFC/ Private financiers
  • ii) Implement an effective recovery management process (RMP)
  • 4) Expand the network
  • i) Identify all potential markets
  • ii) Plan for a productive effective network
  • iii) network planning based on market requirements, competition, and appoint
  • 5) Ensure dealer viability
  • i) ensure dealership standards (Corporate identity, DMS, MP, SE) by regular audit
  • ii) Understand break-even volumes for dealer
  • iii) Implement changes to improve ROI
  • 6) Acquire market intelligence
  • i) Collect market information, competitor numbers, and industry size
  • ii) information on permit status, govt regulations
  • iii) understand the finance matrix of competition and pricing of competition
  • iv) customer insights of competition’s customers
  • 7) Manage relationships
  • i) Develop a good relationship with various business partners like dealers, banks, NBFC, Consultants, private financiers, Self help group,s, and govt officials
  • ii) Leverage the relationships with better negotiation and achieve win-win
  • iii) Establish a network with the unions and govt dept
  • iv) Liason with govt officials and SHG to understand the govt schemes and procedures in getting bulk orders
  • 8) Analyse lost opportunities
  • i) Prepare leakage analysis
  • ii) Conversion analysis – Enquiry to booking to retail
  • 9) Training
  • i)Train dealer salesmen on products, objection handling, activity management, installation, finance, and RMP
  • 10) Achieve a weekly retail plan
  • i) Maintain appropriate stocks at the dealership
  • ii) plan retail for the month based on policy deployment and market potential

Safety Tips:

  • Don’t provide confidential info till you’ve gotten signed a contract with the potential employer.
  • Do not share your private, non-work associated info or Bank info over call or e-mail.
  • Do not trust anybody asking for any type of fee for Job Applications.

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